Back to the future with an up-dated version of RFT: More field than frame?


  • Dermot Barnes-Holmes
  • Yvonne Barnes-Holmes
  • Ciara McEnteggart
  • Colin Harte



dynamics, RFT, MDML, DAARRE, HDML, relating, orienting, evoking, field of interactants


The current chapter presents an overview of a line of research that focuses on the behavioral dynamics of arbitrarily applicable relational responding (AARRing), and the implications of this research for the on-going development of relational frame theory (RFT) itself. Specifically, the integration of two recent conceptual developments within RFT are described. The first of these is the multi-dimensional, multi-level (MDML) framework and the second is the differential arbitrarily applicable relational responding effects (DAARRE) model. Integrating the MDML framework and the DAARRE model emphasizes the transformation of functions within the MDML, thus yielding a hyper-dimensional, multi-level (HDML) framework for analyzing the behavioral dynamics of AARRing. The HDML generates a new conceptual unit of analysis for RFT in which relating, orienting, and evoking (ROEing) are seen as involved in virtually all psychological events for verbally-able humans. Some of the implications of the ROE as a unit of analysis for RFT are explored, including the idea that it may be useful to conceptualize the dynamics of AARRing as involving a field of verbal interactants.


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Barnes-Holmes, D. ., Barnes-Holmes, Y., McEnteggart, C., & Harte, C. (2021). Back to the future with an up-dated version of RFT: More field than frame?. Perspectivas Em Análise Do Comportamento, 12(1), 033–051.